Pasquali Microwave Systems provides custom design and manufacturing of cross-guide couplers, loop couplers and directional couplers, including multiple couplers, for low loss and broadband performance applications. Couplers with diverse values of coupling/directivity for various frequency band options are available. The coupling sensitivity can reach ± 0,5 dB in band

Loop couplers

A-8245-F is a double Loop Coupler, that provides the coupling values of 30 dB (forward) and 40 dB (reverse), with a directivity of more than 20 dB. This item can also withstand a pressurization of 1,5 bar.

Directional couplers

A-9160-F directional coupler: this 3-port WR90 Multihole Coupler is a full-band device with a coupling of 40 dB and a directivity of 30 dB. A large variety of this kind of directional couplers are available in the full ranger of waveguide standards and with assorted values of coupling/directivity. These waveguide couplers are available in 3-ports or 4-ports versions, and with one or two coaxial ports.

Crossguide Couplers

A-8237-F Crossguide Coupler: This crossguide bidirectional coupler offers a specific coupling value in both the coupling directions. It works over 300MHz in the X band. The specific coupling value can vary according to the customer’s request. This coupler also provides excellent isolation between the two output coaxial ports.

Triple Directional Coupler

Couplers WR62

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