Pasquali Microwave Systems is able to design and manufacture Waveguide filters for Band pass or Low pass applications using metal irises, corrugations and post techniques. These filters can be provided with coax transitions or end launchers at their ends. These filters offer excellence values for the Rejection with great stability for the Insertion Loss in the band-pass frequencies and temperature range.

Pass-band Waveguide Filter

This pass-band iris filter has a 500 MHz band in the X band and guarantees high rejection and very good VSWR at WR90 ports. It provides also very low losses and great insertion Loss stability in the pass band.

Pass-band Waveguide Filter with end-launcher

These Pass band irises filters have excellent performance over 500 MHz in the X band and supply a very high Rejection. These filters have SMA end launchers on both of their extremities but other custom solutions are available.


Detail Filter

    Detail FilterFilterPass-band Waveguide Filter with end-launcherPass-band Waveguide Filter