Pasquali Microwave Systems can supply Orthomode Transducers in a wide range of frequency bands up to 100GHz. The OMT is a 3-port device that splits the two orthogonal polarizations of an RF signal applied to a common port (circular or squared waveguide. Orthomode transducers typically operate with a bandwidth of 10% with respect to the specific operating frequency. They are used in multipolarization radars, telecommunications antennas, sensors, radiometers and instrumentation.

W band OMT

This full-band orthomode transducer (OMT) operating in the frequency range 75 – 110 GHz) has been manufactured through electroforming process.


This Orthomode Transducer is realized in WR75 waveguide. It covers the typical transmission (Tx) and receiving (Rx) VSAT bands that separate into the In-line port and the Ortho port. Two different models are available, with exchanged Rx and Tx ports. This OMT guarantees low VSWR (below 1.3), high values of isolation between the orthogonal ports in both bands (above 45dB) and low insertion loss.

Omt WR 90

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