Pasquali Microwave System offers a wide variety of adaptors from rectangular waveguides to coaxial connectors, in both “right-angled” and “end-launcher” configuration.
PMS also manufactures Waveguide-to-Waveguide Transitions for both standard and non-standard waveguides. Various flange configurations are possible. Pressurized solutions are also available.

Rectangular Waveguide to Waveguide Tapered Transitions

Pasquali Microwave System is able to manufacture Waveguide to Waveguide Tapered transitions that provide a gradual dimensional change between two sizes of waveguide, featuring low VSWR and minimal length.
Non-standard designs and custom flanges are available on request.

Waveguide to Coax Adaptors

Pasquali Microwave System is able to manufacture a wide range of Waveguide to Coaxial Adaptors.
Rectangular, Ridge, Double-Ridge waveguide adaptors can be fitted with SMA, APC7 and N type connectors up to 18GHz, and with K connectors above 18 GHz. Male or female coaxial connectors are available.
Full-band as well as narrow-band models that are specifically optimised and manufactured on request, are available.

Electrofomed Transition

Adaptors 1

Adaptors 2

Transition to Coax

Transition 1

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