Pasquali Microwave System offers a standard product line of flanges covering waveguide sizes WR10 through WR650 including UBR, CAR, PBR, UAR, CBR, and PAR, and Special Flanges. American styles are also available, such as UG, CMR, CPR Flat, CPR Grooved, Cover, Choke, PDR, UDR.
Pasquali Microwave System also designs and manufactures customised flanges and RF/mechanical interfaces according to customer requirements.

FLANGES: some sample of waterguide flanges

Single Channel Waveguide Rotary Joints are available for diverse platform applications, including SATCOM terminals.
Waveguide Rotary Joints designs are available in I, L, U or F configuration and can be custom-developed according to customer’s mechanical and RF requirements.

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