Vsat Series

A new line of maritime antennas for satellite communication through a Very-small-aperture terminal (VSAT) on vessels at sea was developed by Pasquali Microwave Systems in collaboration with Navisystem Marine Electronics (http://www.navisystem.com), worldwide  leading company in the production of marine satellite antennas.
The latest VSAT Antennas are the outcome of a research project partially funded by Regione Toscana in the framework of POR CReO FESR 2007-2013 European Funding for Regional Development (link: http://www.regione.toscana.it/creo), the segment intended for supporting investments in industrial research and experimental development.

The newly developed maritime VSAT Antennas are:

  • VSAT-60 Ku
  • VSAT-95 Ku
  • VSAT-115 Ku
  • VSAT-240 C
  • VSAT-60_Ka

VSAT antennas were designed and experimentally optimized in order that RF performance meets Eutelsat (http://www.eutelsat.com) standards for VSAT terminal ESV(Earth Station on Vessels).  European leader satellite company. The procedure of antennas characterization and validation to obtain Eutelsat type-approval according to Eutelsat Earth Station Standard M (EESS 502) is currently in progress.

RF Components for maritime VSAT antennas:

Orthomode transducer: component in the RF chain that serves to separate the two orthogonal Rx and Tx signals.
The new PMS OMTs specifically designed for maritime VSAT antennas are:

  • Ku-band OMT: compact OMT for Ku terminals (Rx 10.7-12.95 GHz; Tx 13.75-14.5 GHz), XPD > 35 dB.
  • Rx Dual polarized Ku-band OMT: OMT for Ku terminals with dual orthogonal polarization in the Rx band
  • Ka-band OMT: compact OMT for Ka terminals (Rx 19.7-20.2 GHz; Tx 29.5-30.0 GHz). Includes Rx filter.

Waveguide component that, introducing a differential phase shift between orthogonal components of linear orthogonally-polarized signals, converts a linear polarized signals to a circular polarized ones. It is employed in VSAT terminals that operate in circular polarization.
PMS developed two novel iris polarizer with optimized Tx Axial Ratio performance:

  • Ka-band waveguide polarizer (included in VSAT60-Ka antenna)
  • Ka-band waveguide polarizer (included in VSAT60-Ka antenna)